May 022014

5 steps to getting the best deal on your custom framing jobDid you get sticker shock the last time you had to frame a piece of art? Me too!

Want to learn how I saved 50% on my custom framing job? Keep reading.

James, the framing expert, told me, “framing is comparable to buying furniture.” What? Ouch!

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Apr 242014

The top 7 decor trends you should avoid in 2014 V2Have you ever bought the most beautiful pillow just to realize one year later that it’s out of style? And you got tired of it? If you are older than 25, like me, you probably know what I’m talking about.

How much money did you waste on those trendy purchases?  Hopefully not much. Well, if you want to avoid throwing more money away this year, I’ve done some 2014 trends research and came out with a list of things you should think twice before buying.

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Apr 162014

how to decorate for easter and keep it modernDo you ever feel like your house transforms into a kid wonderland for Easter? Did you feel like the adults coming over were left out?

I love decorating for Easter. I love pastels. The childish décor all over the house, I could live without.

When I see those cartoonish Easter bunnies, I feel like I’m in a pastel version of a jumping house. Some of these are questionably cute. Some are borderline creepy. All of them are definitely not cool. Continue reading “How to decorate for Easter and keep it Modern” »