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Aug 012014


Remember when your kid first started to walk?

It was right around 12 months. You were so proud. You were astonished by how fast he or she was growing.

And suddenly the home childproofing frenzy started.

You rushed to the nearest Babies R Us and bought boxes of plug covers and foam corner protectors. You came back home and went through all the rooms of your house installing those plug covers. They were so annoying. Every time to needed to plug something in, you’d either spend five minutes trying to take them out or one of your nails would break. Continue reading “How to style a coffee table and keep it family friendly” »

Jul 182014

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

You tell your last guest goodbye. You feel amazing. The party was a success.

Billy Butchkavitz designed event

Billy Butchkavitz designed event

You start putting everything back in its place. You take the dishes to the kitchen. There are glasses here and there, and quite a bit of food left over that you need to store in the fridge. You are super tired and there’s still plenty to do.

But it doesn’t matter because everyone had a great time and you are feeling like the younger, local version of Martha Stewart. Continue reading “7 tips from celebrity event planners to have your living room ready for your next party” »

Jul 022014

“Political TV commercials prove one thing: A politician can name all his good points in 30 seconds.”

Are you looking for patriotic inspiration?

These pictures have it. I selected seven rooms that will surely get your red, white, and blue creativity going. Plus they can all be accomplished with Hillary Clinton’s “dead broke” budget.




Continue reading “4th of July decorated rooms that would make any politician jealous” »

Jun 272014
Found on

Found on

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

You set up your sofa in the living room. It feels like you are finally living there. You can claim that home as yours.

Finally, your own unique design aesthetic is there for everyone to see.

You jump in there, kick off your shoes and relax. You turn the TV on and you say to yourself, “This is the good life!” But ten minutes go by and you start feeling uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s a leather sofa, it’s the summer and you start to sweat. It feels pretty uncomfortable so you turn the AC down a notch. Ten more minutes go by and your skin is sticking to the leather again. You remember the salesman telling you that it was so easy to clean, perfect for you, your family, and your labradoodle. Unfortunately he didn’t mention it was rather uncomfortable laying on it if it’s more than 75F.

Continue reading “The ultimate guide to buying your living room sofa” »

Jun 212014


You’ve been there.

You remember it well.

You were still single. There was an added degree of preparation before an evening party or social event, it’s not worth denying it.

You’d spend a long time trying on outfits, going back and forward to check in the mirror. Would the flats or the high heels work better with that skirt? Well it depends on your mood, flats to look more casual. Better go with high heels. Guys die for long sexy legs and high heels would definitely help. Now it’s time for hair and make-up. You hope it’s not too humid outside. That never helps your hair. Just in case you work in some more hairspray. Then you run one final check in the mirror and you look awesome. The most gorgeous you’ve been in years. The final touch: perfume. It’s going to be a killer night.

You get to the place. It’s dark already and you are so excited as you ring the bell. The door opens and boom! You can barely see the face of the host, the lights in the room are blinding.

Your confidence plummets and you no longer feel what you felt when you last checked yourself in the mirror. This is way too much light! Somebody please tone it down. You start to feel painfully conscious about your looks. You think maybe you should have worn more make-up. Maybe less. You feel uncomfortable, less and less sexy as you start walking inside. To make matters worse, you turn around and you see that hot guy you’ve been secretly dreaming about. Continue reading “Do you make these 5 living room lighting mistakes? Here’s how to fix them” »